Bedside Table Inspiration

Right now I'm on the hunt for some new bedside tables. While browsing some stores online, I read a description for one design that was "Scandinavian style with an Art Deco twist". At first I scoffed at the seemingly random mix of words but then I realised it was the ideal way to describe my take on styling at the moment - the perfect way to incorporate luxe vintage accents with a minimalist aesthetic. How did they know? So now I have decided that "Scandinavian style with an Art Deco twist" is going to be my jam. Whether this will make shopping for home decor harder or easier is yet to be seen. My bedside table checklist right now mainly consists of something in a timber finish with clean lines. Add some bedside greenery and boom: #decorgoals. These are some images that I've been looking to for inspiration. If you have any hot tips for similar bedside tables please let me know!

Top from left to right: Pop & Scott, Mr & Mrs White
Centre: West Elm
Bottom l-r: Lonny, DIY table by Burkatron


  1. Ooooh They are two of my favourite design styles scandanavian and art deco! Love that inspiration direction. I'm on the look out for some side tables too these are totally dreamy

    x Luciana

    1. All the ones that I've found so far that I love are SO expensive. I mean, $600 for one is pushing it but TWO? hahaha

  2. It is a tiresome job to find a bedside table online, so I would suggest you to navigate through and choose the best one as per your budget.


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