Bespoke Press Gift Wrap

Bespoke Press Gift Wrap
I'm of the school of thought that if you're going to give someone a present then you might as well go all out, fancy gift wrap and everything. None of this last minute scrounging around for wrapping paper or shoddy gift wrapping business. Bespoke Press make some of my favourite wrapping paper, hands down, and I picked these beauties up at the Finders Keepers Markets the other week. However, I'm always torn between using them asap and keeping them for myself because they're so damn beautiful (I'm already making plans to frame the watercolour whale print one). The best part is that these are double sided so it's like getting two sheets for the price of one. The trouble lies in deciding exactly which side to display.

Bespoke Press Gift Wrap Bespoke Press Gift Wrap
1. Anchors / Whales Gift Wrap feat. Whales by Michelle Morin of United Thread
2. Watercolour Blue / Water Floral Gift Wrap
3. Blackbirds / Mustard Chevron Gift Wrap


  1. Replies
    1. Bespoke make the loveliest wrapping paper. I've also started stockpiling a bunch of others. Soon I'll have a professional standard gift wrapping station haha.

  2. Love that wrapping paper! lovely.


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