Pom Pom Antlers

Pom Pom Antlers
If programming on this blog has slowed down it's probably because I'm spending all my spare time making pom poms. I'm half joking, half not. Anyway, I acquired these antlers while clearing out my grandmother's house a few years ago as we needed someone to claim them before my vegan cousin showed up. I put my hand up to hide them in my car and have been custodian ever since. In an attempt to display them I strung up a wooden dowel/fishing line contraption to hang off of a picture rail (scroll down to the last photo to see). The antlers looked a bit plain just hanging against the white wall so I ended up gradually covering them in pom poms (and a tassel). I keep saying that each pom pom will be the last but we'll see.

Pom Pom Antlers Pom Pom Antlers Pom Pom Antlers
 ^ I'll eventually get around to painting the dowel white and finding white hooks to complete the floating effect but in the meantime I cbf. 


  1. Oh my god these are perfect! I've became a little obsessed with pom poms recently so I have to make some!!



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