I Heart Brownies

i heart brownies
When it comes to hobbies, I think "eating my way around Brisbane" has to be up there as the most consistent. If you're a regular at Brisbane markets then you're probably already well acquainted with I Heart Brownies. For those not familiar, let me introduce you to the tastiest brownies I have ever eaten. The best part? They're all gluten-free and come in a range of flavours - ranging from the OG chocolate to salted caramel and cheesecake. There's also a dairy-free version, in case you needed more of a reason to *heart* brownies. And you don't even have to hang out for the markets anymore to get your fix as their cute-as-a-button standalone store in Bakery Lane has all your brownie needs covered, seven days a week.

i heart brownies i heart brownies i heart brownies
^ Raspberry & chocolate brownies. Hanging out to try the salted caramel brownie but you've gotta get in quick for those.


  1. omg I've heard of these via insta! need to check them out once I'm home. a vegan brownie right now sounds heavenly. I'm so happy the valley is getting trendier and having little shops like these, and not just the night club scene! x


    1. I'm not sure if they're vegan as I think they still use eggs but worth checking out. But yes the Valley is full of little cool hidey hole places now and it just seems to keep growing!


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