Pin It Down

Pins and badges are making a comeback of sorts, and I'm loving it. I used to have a dumb collection of pins as a kid and my favourite was a little Tweety Bird one (it was the nineties, okay?) These days however I'm drawn to designs like the cheeky - and unfortunately sold out - boobie pins by Coucou Suzette and all of the Georgia Perry pins. Stick them onto the lapel of your old faithful denim jacket or clustered together on one corner of a trusty tote bag for an instant update. These are just some of the pins that I have been eyeing off lately.

Top Row, L-RWatermelon Pin by FeelGoodCo, Boobies Pin by Coucou SuzetteFingers Crossed Pin by Georgia Perry
Middle, L-RMilkshake Pin by fairycakes, Lucky Eye Pin by Coucou Suzette, Donut Pin by FeelGoodCo
Bottom, L-RIce Cream Pin by DzyDzydesign, Dynamite Pin by Prize Pins, Stuck On You Pins by Gorman


  1. I love that eye pin! super cute!

  2. I'd take a Larry David pin every day of the week.

    Buckets & Spades

    1. Yes! A shop here also stocks her Seinfeld ones but no Kramer.

  3. I'm obsessed with lapel pins and have a few of these. :) You should also check out Rosehound Apparel who make some very cute designs!

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