Creating an Organised Craft Basket

Woven Basket
How sweet is this herringbone knitting basket from UncommonGoods? If you aren't already familiar with UncommonGoods they're a site that endeavours to feature unique designs and handcrafted gifts that are created with the environment in mind and without harm to animals or people. This fair trade basket is handcrafted by Wolof women in Senegal and is made using strips of plastic either recycled from prayer mats and rugs or purchased new from a Dakar mat factory. When I received this basket I was immediately undone by how big it was. I didn't have enough yarn to fill it up but I wanted to use it for something other than a laundry or junk basket. After some head-scratching I came up with quick hack so I could still use it to store yarn as well as a few other crafty bits and bobs. You can find more gifts like this from UncommonGoods here, and there's also a men's section here

This is a pretty self-explanatory DIY so I'll mostly let the pictures to the talking.

Woven Basket Woven Basket Woven Basket Woven Basket Woven Basket

This basket was a gift from UncommonGoods. All content and ideas are my own.

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