SPACES Volume 3

SPACES volume 3
Ever since I can remember, I've been interested in books focusing on homes/interiors. For the most part I just think it's my inner snoop getting the better of me. Who doesn't love having a sneak peek into how other people live? That's why I was super excited when I received my copy of SPACES Volume 3 last week. What's so appealing about the SPACES series is that the featured spaces (because not all of them are homes - there are businesses, work spaces, and even vehicles) aren't all about architectural grandeur and impeccable styling, but more so spaces that are lived in and loved. Although, when my brother flicked through my copy of SPACES Volume 2 he remarked with "is filling your house with weird junk the cool thing to do now? I've been doing that for ages. Does that mean I'm a hipster?" So... *shrugs*. You can purchase SPACES online or at selected retailers.

SPACES volume 3 SPACES volume 3 SPACES volume 3 SPACES volume 3


  1. I have got to start reading this, looks absolutely spectacular.

    she and tell


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