Wicked in Oz
If you live in Brisbane you might have noticed that the city has been looking a little bit greener of late. And it probably, most definitely has to do with WICKED coming back to town as part of its 10th anniversary tour. I was fortunate enough to be given tickets to attend the opening weekend of WICKED at the Queensland Performing Arts Centre (QPAC). I love a good musical and have always had a soft spot for anything Wizard of Oz related - I watched the Judy Garland version of Wizard of Oz on VHS so much so as a child that I eventually wore down the tape - so it was pretty much a given that I was always going to enjoy WICKED. Being an immensely popular production, many of you are probably already familiar with the musical but if you aren't then I would definitely recommend taking a trip to the wonderful land of Oz.

Wicked in Oz Wicked in Oz Wicked in Oz


  1. Oh I'm dying to see it! I don't go to the city often so I haven't seen all the green things. You're so lucky you got to go.

    1. You must! Plus you can drink green 'Ozmopolitans' while watching it haha


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