Vessel and Vine Cone Planter

Vessel + Vine cone planter
Ever wanted to show off your indoor plants in a way that resembles an ice cream cone? Yes? Then say hello to the cement cone planter from Vessel and Vine. I picked up this pretty cone planter at the last Finders Keepers Markets in Brisbane and finally got around to finding a suitable place to hang it. Yes, those are antlers suspended by fishing wire. Vessel and Vine make a range of handmade homewares, planters, and jewellery, and if you're in Brisbane you can usually find them at the BrisStyle markets (their Etsy shop seems to be empty right now). I hastily put this little succulent in my cone planter but the end goal is to replace it with something that looks a bit more like a scoop of ice cream. Any ideas?

Vessel + Vine cone planter Vessel + Vine cone planter


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  2. That is a sweet idea, always wanted a cone for the old plants! Nice looking.

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