Moi Self Helpful Hankies

Moi Self is the brainchild of Tara Willis and her Helpful Hankies are a quirky way of spreading some self-help and love. Designed and handmade in the UK, these special screen-printed hankies feature illustrations of thoughtful messages. Do you have a friend that's going through a break up? Leaving town? Just down in the dumps in general? Well, now there's a hankie for that. I actually received this 'Fix Your Mascara' one in the mail on Valentine's Day which was pretty well timed if you ask me. They hankies are 100% cotton and you can even write personalised messages on the back of the packet. So, next time one of your friends is feeling less than 100%, why not swing them one of these Helpful Hankies as a pick me up?

[Images: top - my own, others - supplied]


  1. These are super cute and the most perfect shade of pink! <3 Thanks for sharing. xoxo

  2. ah i love these!! the sweetie one is so great!! :)

  3. Oh man I love these! Your pictures are always phenomenal too <3

  4. These are adorable and they'll be great to put in care packages.

  5. Lovely post!!
    may be we can follow each other. please let me know
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    A chic kiss ;)


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