Watch: Populaire

The Alliance Fran├žaise French Film Festival is currently making its way around the country and I've been an attendee of the festival for the past couple of years now. Previously, my friends and I have ended up watching some pretty heavy French films so these days we tend to stick to comedies and rom-coms. On the weekend I went and saw Populaire which checked both those boxes. Set in the late 1950s, the film is a "homage to classic Hollywood romantic comedies". It's basically about a secretary who has a talent for typing and is urged on by her boss, and potential love interest, to compete in typing competitions. The storyline is super cheesy, in a good way. The main draw card for me was the visual elements of the film which was all retro styling and saturated colours. Swoon.

[Images: moviemail, imdb]


  1. These stills are so dreamy, especially the top two. <3 I also love your watermelon top on the sidebar!

  2. Oooh I so want to see this! My mum works for the Alliance Francaise haha I had no idea it was by them! But it looks greaaaaaaat and those photos you chose are so prettyxx

  3. ahhh this movie looks so good!!! i need to see it! what a beautiful aesthetic!

  4. this looks so beautiful! adding to my list of things to watch


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