how to: diy leopard print

Lately I've had the urge to play around with patterns rather than specific images or objects. In keeping with my current obsession for all things leopard print, I thought I'd try my hand at creating my own take on the print. When it comes to leopard print, I'm very particular. I prefer clean, spaced out prints rather than crowded, muddled ones. The way I went about it basically involved painting some splodges onto paper (but you could very well do this using a tablet and stylus) and then using a contrasting colour to border the splodges. The end result was a very Flintstones-esque style of leopard print but you could easily create different effects by varying the brushes and strokes you use. My next project will be to see if I can recreate one of these by way of screen printing.


  1. I'm going to be doing this at some point, ie. when I find myself some paints. Love the idea of framing these to go on a wall!

    1. Thinking of framing the green one when I reorganise my desk space. Hopefully if the screen printing works out a tote bag or two will be in order!

  2. So cute! I'm obsessed with leopard print as well. The color combo of all three together reminds me of a Lisa Frank palette. <3


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