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I've currently teamed up with Set That to run a giveaway competition. So I thought I'd share a few sets that I've already created on the site. Set That is a bit like Polyvore, but with the added bonus of being able to earn commission from the sets you create. You can then pocket the profit or donate it to charity. There are so many products on the site that it can be hard to know where to start but I've found that browsing the retailers featured on the site, taking a look at other users' sets, or searching for items using the search bar to be good starting points. You can then add items to your profile using the plus button and access them later when creating a set. For more ideas you can also take a look at the "products" tab on my Set That profile to see what I've already favourited. The competition is open until October 7 so get your entries in quick sticks!


  1. Nice sets! I like the stripy top from the first and the slouchy trousers from the last!xx

  2. what a cool company- that's awesome you can make money off of it! and i LOVE your last outfit-- those polka dot shoes are amazing

    xo marlen
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