hansel from basel

Hansel From Basel's latest spring/summer photo series has been doing the rounds but when they landed in my inbox I just had to post them. They have me so excited for spring and, Hansel From Basel being a brand that specialises in socks and accessories, have also triggered a desire to wear school girl-type socks with all my shoes. Mind you, the last time I wore long socks with shoes was when I was actually in high school. And while they make it look so stylish here I assure you my tartan skirt/white socks/black shoes combo was anything but. With uniform codes now a distant memory, I think it's safe to start pulling my socks up and putting them on display once more. The large polka dot and houndstooth crew socks are my picks of the bunch.

Photography: Nicholas Haggard
Styling: Hannah Byun
Hair and Makeup: Michelle Lima
Model: Stella
[Images supplied]


  1. You always showcase the dreamiest campaigns on your blog, LOVE this one. It's getting me so excited for summer :)

  2. I love this lookbook! So so perfect to ring in spring with.

  3. What a lovely photo's! I think I'm going to buy some nice socks now :)

  4. love these and especially that crazy hat. <3

  5. awesome snaps!


  6. I love these photos, pretty cool sock collection!

  7. What a beautiful photo's, perfect lookbook!


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