something about sea shells

While I love rummaging around for vintage clothing, I'm not as lucky in the vintage jewellery department. With my magpie tendencies you'd think I'd be all over it but the truth is I just have no idea where to start, especially when you have to sort between what's vintage and what's just junk. Enter: Sweet & Spark, a website full of beautifully curated vintage jewellery from the 40s to the 90s. The collections are a mix of classic and trend-based pieces, and there's even a wedding collection for any brides-to-be out there. Jillian, the owner, got in touch with me recently and sent me this amazing shell necklace from her collection. Cue mermaid fantasies. Anyway, there's plenty more treasure to be found on the site like this 60s rhinestone floral necklace, this 70s leaf cluster bracelet, or this 60s rhinestone cluster brooch to name a few. If you'd like to add some spark to your life you can also get $10 off any purchase just by using the code &otherthings10. Enjoy!

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  1. Such a good find, it just takes too long sometimes to find those gems amongst the rest of the stock in charity shopsxx

  2. That's a sweet design, it looks really nice with that denim smock. Glad you're gearing up for fest season.

  3. Thanks for the sweet post, glad you love! The necklace looks amazing on you! I think I might have that denim shirt ;) Is it Club Monaco?


    1. You're welcome Jillian! It's actually a denim dress from Topshop, but I'm after a denim tee so I will have to check out Club Monaco now!

  4. So cute!!
    Nice blog dear

  5. That necklace is great! They look like little oyster shells with pearls in! So pretty. I'm going for a rummage.


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