the art of soup

To mark the 51st anniversary of Andy Warhol's iconic Campbell's Soup Cans prints, Campbell's have released four limited edition Pop Art inspired designs for their cans of condensed tomato soup. The limited edition cans were released in America last year but they have only just been made available in Australia. You can get them from Woolworths stores and they're selling for around $2. I don't particularly like tinned tomato soup but I do love me some Warhol. While I'm happy with them brightening up my pantry for now, I think they'd eventually make for some pretty nifty pen holders. Here's hoping I can empty and clean the cans without covering them in tomato soup. 


  1. Eeeee I want some I hope my woollies has them :)

    1. I didn't think mine would because it's pretty derro, but they did!

  2. You should put them on a shelf somewhere on display, even if they are full!

  3. They looks awesome, I'll have to pick them up at Coles this weekend!

  4. This is amazing! Yes, they definitely have pen-holding/miscellaneous item-holding potential.

    L U A R


  5. Great looking urban art. I am so glad to get a peek at it!


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