locle: ss13

It seems like autumn won't be showing itself for some time yet here in Queensland so in the mean time I'm just going to roll with all the spring fashion that's around at the moment. These are a few images from the Locle spring lookbook by Low Classic. I seem to be having a thing for relaxed, sportswear inspired looks and anything denim at the moment so this collection fits the bill quite nicely. The website is mainly in Korean so I'm not even going to pretend to know what's going on. Instead I'm just going to window shop the rest of the collection, as you do.

[Images: Low Classic]


  1. That last navy dress with the gingham sleeves and blue sneakers. OMG want so bad. That is so cool/perfect/wonderful.

    You're always in the know!

    1. Isn't it lovely? There's so much on the website that I want to wear!

  2. Interesting clothing, I really like the striped shorts!!

  3. The last two outfits are totally my favey-fave. Soak up that warmth before fall rolls around! Gosh I wish we had Australian seasons in Chicago. *sad trombone*

  4. loving these looks those glasses in the first picture is everything.


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