the horse: aw13

The Horse. AW13. "The Wanderers"

These are a few images from the latest campaign by The Horse. Entitled "The Wanderers", the AW13 collection is full of classic styles for guys and girls. The shoes are smart, stylish, and most of all, wearable. Perfect for weekend (heck, everyday) adventures and wanders, no? What I like most about this brand is the focus on tradition and craftsmanship. If the designs aren't enough to win you over then their "about us" page definitely will. You can also see the shoes in action via an accompanying campaign video which you can check out: here. To see and shop the collection, visit their website.

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  1. I love finding new brands like this, thank you!

  2. That powder blue men's pair is great! I'll admit that I got a little excited after realising I know exactly where these photos were shot, though I'm not sure why that's so exciting.

    1. I wish more guys I knew would start wearing smart shoes like these. Also, the excitement could be "I've been there" syndrome. Like every time I watch a film or movie and I recognise a place I'm always like "I'VE BEEN THERE". Not sure why that is so exciting either haha.

  3. i've never heard of the brand but it looks nice, especially like the power blue oxfords


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