lula #15: i'm on fire

Oh Lula, can I hire you to organise my next birthday party please? I am quite fond of piñatas and can rock a mean party dress. I'll even promise to play nice and not hog the parcel in pass the parcel! From what I've seen of the latest Lula Magazine (thanks to bits and pieces dotted around the internet), this issue is looking all sorts of lovely. I'm determined to get my hands on a copy of it. Brisbane newsagencies, watch out!

"I'm On Fire"
Photography: Sofia Sanchez
Styling: Samuel François
Hair: Romina Manenti
Makeup: Rie Omoto
Model: Monica Sawicka
Images: tfs


  1. what a gorgeous location! i'd love to go to a pastelly desert birthday party like this :')

    1. I'm imagining it as the Lula version of Burning Man.

  2. I love this editorial too. I highly recommend picking up the latest issue. Only problem is that all three cover options are amazing and you will find yourself justifying buying them all. Or is that just me.....

    Christie x

    Dark Blue Stripes

  3. Oh I know! Way before I stumbled on magnation, it was a total bun fight at my nearest mag store to get Lula. I had to go on a waiting list!

  4. I'm now on the hunt for issue 15


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