choc cake + giveaway winner

I'm usually a creature of habit, and have been using the same chocolate cake recipe for years now. However, after spying the cake recipes in the latest issue of frankie magazine, I was tempted to give their 'classic chocolate cake' recipe a go. The end result? One hell of a delicious cake! The cake recipe is dairy free, so if you have a decent dairy-free icing recipe I'd say this would make one tasty vegan treat. The recipe also calls for coffee and coconut which gives you a little something extra to chew over. Pun intended because I am ALL ABOUT THE PUNS. 

Also, I've drawn the winner of the SXUC sunglasses giveaway. Congrats Lorelai Sebastian! For everyone else who entered, I wish there was a way I could share some of this cake with you guys. I'd say lick your screen but that's pointless (and gross).


  1. Oh jeez, yum! You made it look almost exactly like the picture. That never happens to me. I made the All Together cake from the first Frankie recipe book and its still a staple of mine today.

    1. Thanks! It rarely happens to me too - this must be the exception! Although to be completely honest, pre-icing the cake was looking a lot less than spectacular haha

  2. Haha I would lick the screen if it gave me even a smidgen of a taste of this cake, looks amazing. x

  3. Ahh that looks incredible! I want to try to make one now *_*


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