harvest festival: the flaming lips

My iPhone is my default camera these days. These were taken during The Flaming Lips' set at Harvest Festival on Saturday. I also took a film camera along for the day, but haven't finished the roll yet. After not being able to see The Flaming Lips at Splendour in the Grass a few years back, they were my must-see* set on Saturday. Hands down, it was one of the best live performances I have ever been a part of. Confetti cannons, balloons, strobe lights, Wayne Coyne in a giant bubble, and sing-a-longs en masse. If you want to experience the definition of happiness, go to a Flaming Lips' gig.

*Of course, TV on the Radio, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, The National, and Portishead were pretty magnificent as well.


  1. Flaming Lips!!! i adore them..looks like you had a blast hun x

  2. YAY for instagram goodness! looks like an amazing gig xo

  3. Photos look amazing! They really do look like the definition of euphoria.

  4. your pictures are absolutely amazing <3

  5. so much jealousy, i absolutely love the flaming lips!!


  6. phenomenal! I was suppose to go to Harvest, but unfortunately plans fell through.

    great photos, I've been reading people's tweets of finding confetti in their bag days later.

    x Lauren

  7. The colours in your photos are amazing! I've always heard the Flaming Lips but on a good show, and by the looks of things they were right :D

  8. Great photos!

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    You wench, you got to see Portishead too.

  10. @Ally: that I did!

    @alexis: SO amazing.

    @Lauren: oh that sucks. I'M GOING TO GO LOOK FOR CONFETTI IN MY BAG RIGHT NOW haha

    @amalie: yes way!

    @Abigail: you should definitely see them if you get the chance.

    @liana: not going to lie, Portishead were pretty fucking epic as well.

  11. these are all from your iphone? WOOOOOOOW. just WOOOOOW.

  12. great shots, i was going to go to harvest but didn't have enough money!
    alway great coming across another australian blog, now following!
    xx from melbourne.

    would be great if your could check out my blog- eye_spy

  13. I was there too, didn't see the whole set of the Flaming Lips as we left early to make sure we've made it to Portishead. It was such a great festival. I did a post on it too. Have a look if you have time. x


  14. amazing!! i can't believe you took these with your phone!


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