my-wardrobe gift

This lovely parcel came in the mail last week - a little gift from What could possibly be inside? I'll reveal that shortly. In the mean time, I'll keep you guessing. I also received a physical copy of the Style Guide that I mentioned a few posts ago. Because I'm one of those people who believes that books > e-books, I much prefer this version of the Style Guide. Plus, unlike the online version, there's no temptation to just 'click through' and purchase an item!


  1. Wah!!!

    Can't wait to see what it is!!!

    I much, much, much prefer real books and the feeling of pages under your fingertips... it's cathartic.

    What, what, what did you receive!?!?!?!!!!!!

  2. what is in the mysterious package? have you read nina garcia's style guides- they are pretty damn fabulous.


  3. You've just sparked a huge curiosity for what you received! I want to know! books are irreplaceble for sure.

  4. it has got to be a one-of-a-kind dress.. or maybe a pretty blouse. Can't wait to see what's inside it!

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  5. cool!!! i want to see what's inside :)

    xoxo from rome

  6. so curious!
    tell me tell me what's inside!
    seems amazing heh? :)

  7. My disgust for kindles and the like cannot be accurately put into words. Ugh, glad you feel it! jazzy ♥

  8. Oh, very excited. I take it it's because you're affiliated with them? I am as well, and I don't hear anything of them, let alone get lovely little parcels. Can't wait to see what it is x

  9. Ohhh, I'm intriqued. Nothing like mysterious packages to ruffle a few feathers of envy! I love Lucky lady.

  10. i bet it is a purse or something! Or maybe it's a clutch hiding inside?

  11. your blog is very cute!!

    if you want you'll be my follower!!:)

  12. I definitely agree with you about books vs. ebooks!

  13. wow, this is exciting! they've packaged it so nicely, can't wait to see :) xx

  14. i love my-wardrobe, can't wait to see what's inside!! i definitely prefer physical books to e-books, i think i might just like owning clutter though... xx

  15. @BlithelyUnaware: patience, m'dear!

    @Samantha: I haven't read Nina Garcia's style guides but I'll be sure to check them out. I'm intrigued!

    @Hannah: if only!

    @claire: In theory they seem OK - multiple books all in one place, less paper... but I still can't warm to them. Plus I spend so much time looking at screens already, I don't need another one lol.

    @Vicky: not yet, but if all goes accordingly then hopefully so.

    @MJonas_: thank you.

    @Twobreadsplease: no, nothing can quite beat having shelves full of books, I say.

  16. I love the packaging and I totally agree- real books are much more satisfying than e-books!

    star-crossed smile

  17. lucky girl! excited to see what it is :).

    Helen, X

  18. Oh can't wait to see what you got, just been over on there shop and they have so so many amazing designers!!


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