03 February, 2016

I'm always on the lookout for new (to me) labels and one recent find is Chorus, a Melbourne based fashion design studio established by Cassandra Wheat and Louise Pannell. This year I'm really trying to embrace quality over quantity in regards to my wardrobe and I think this is one of the reasons I was drawn to the Chorus label. Garments are created in Melbourne using luxury materials and each piece is released in limited editions of no more than 30. Add to that the clothes look dead cool and wearable, in that way that only Melbourne labels can really pull off, and you've got yourself a winning combination in my books. 

Hello 2016


23 January, 2016

Hello! It me! Is anybody still here? 

It's been a while since my last post (over a month but that's like an eternity in blog years, right?) and it's been quite a refreshing blog-free break. Towards the end of last year I felt like I was in a bit of a rut. I think anyone who has or had a blog will probably understand that feeling. It gets to the point where it seems like everything has been done before and coming up with ideas for original content becomes all too time consuming. The time and effort it takes to create content I'm happy with versus having a life outside of the internet is probably going to play a big part in the direction that the blog goes in this year. 

I'll still be sharing brands and labels I love, with a focus on independent and local designers, but I'm also hoping to pick up my cameras and experiment with film photography a bit more (I say that every year but there's always a chance it'll stick). I've definitely fallen victim to the ease and convenience of the smartphone/Instagram combination. I'm also hoping to tweak the blog layout in the coming months, to make it more responsive, so bear with me in case things go a bit awry or completely to shit.

In the meantime, thanks for sticking around. I'll still be here. And you can always find me on Instagram/Twitter/Facebook eating doughnuts and taking too many photos of plants.

[Images shot on iPhone 6 and edited with VSCO and Photoshop]

My Summer Essentials


16 December, 2015

Summer is here! Summer is here! Summer is here! I said that three times in the hope that by some Wizard of Oz-esque magic I'll be miraculously transported to the beach. Anyway, around this time of year my wardrobe choices are pretty much limited to (a) what is the most comfortable and (b) what will keep me the coolest. So far my summer essentials include breezy linen tops and relaxed denim shorts for peak comfort, high-waisted bikinis because any body of water will basically be a second home, sneakers for long days spent exploring, a roomy tote bag to house all those random bits and pieces picked up throughout the day, and colourful accessories to add fun summery touches to an outfit. These are the items that are all high on my radar this summer.

Clockwise-ish from left
- Linen Billow Top by Hunter
- Karen Walker One Splash Sky Blue Sunglasses (similar here)
- Country Road Wide Brim Fringe Hat
- Kleur City Bag by Elk Accessories
- Her Frances Bikini in Forest Green
- Off Duty Tote by Jasmine Dowling from Club of Odd Volumes
- Assembly Natural Denim Shorts (I already own the dark denim version and have basically been living in them)
- ASOS Canvas Lace Up Sneakers

Creamy Popsicle Recipes To Try


12 December, 2015

The other day I bought myself a popsicle mould and I am obsessed. This summer is going to be the summer of pops. I can already envision myself subsisting on a steady diet of frozen treats when the temperature rises so high that eating anything hot is just plain ridiculous. Right now my repertoire mainly involves simple recipes like freezing some brewed coffee or fruit juice but when I am ready to move beyond that and flex my popsicle making skills, these are the popsicle recipes that I'd like to try out.

1. Mini Chocolate and Coconut Popsicles from Posh Little Designs
2. Dairy-free Chocolate Ice Cream Pops from Vanelja
3. Roasted Blueberries and Cream Matcha Popsicles from With Food and Love
4. Chai Spiced Coconut Fig Popsicles from Tasty Yummies

If you have any favourite popsicle recipes, feel free to mention them in the comments. I'm all ears!

The Best Festival Dress


10 December, 2015

Festival season is well and truly upon us here in Australia so when the folks at boohoo got in touch about my festival style I knew I'd end up focusing on my go-to festival outfit: the denim overall dress (or dungaree dress, whatever you want to call it). One year I pretty much wore the same denim overall dress to every festival. They are the best. And super handy. I mean, all those pockets! Once I even managed to use a pocket to hold an open drink can. Plus the hardwearing denim is perfect for plonking down on a range of grassy/concrete-y/wooden splinter-y surfaces, which is good because you don't want to be too precious about your clothes at a festival. Just add a tee or singlet underneath your dress and you're done. When it comes to accessories I'm definitely a less is more kind of person. Comfort and functionality are key. A compact bag, sunglasses, a watch, and minimal jewellery is probably the most that I'll wear. Finished off with some simple sneakers and I'm good to go.