How I Use My ghd Platinum Styler


26 April, 2016

A good hair straightener is a worthwhile addition to any styling kit. I was recently able to try out the ghd Platinum styler and it has proven to be quite a nifty little thing. When it comes to styling tools, a lot of jargon gets thrown about. You know, heating technology this and patented that. All very important things I'm sure but it usually just goes straight over the top of my head. The main things I want to know are: is the product easy to use, will it turn me into a hair styling guru (probably not but with some practice here's hoping), and will it be something that I end up using time and time again? So far the ghd Platinum ticks those boxes. I'm not one to wear my hair pin straight so instead I've been using it to create a 'do with a bit more movement. You know, those loose effortless waves that actually require some effort to create. It's like the hair equivalent of no-makeup makeup. Read on to see how I've been using my ghd platinum styler.

I Spy: Australian Native Prints


18 April, 2016

Ever since I mentioned my love for native Australian flowers a few posts down I've noticed that native flora and fauna prints are having a bit of a moment among local labels. Designers taking inspiration from the Australian landscape is nothing new but the current trend is definitely something to take notice of. Romance Was Born's 2015 collections Bush Magic, Cooee, and Opal Romance all drew on an Australian narrative. The Autumn 2016 collection from RYDER sees Australian botanical prints emblazoned on t-shirts, dresses, and leggings. The Fred Fowler x Gorman collection draws on the artist's paintings that look at Australian native and introduced species in an abstract, layered style. A distinct protea print takes centre stage in Leonard Street's Autumn/Winter 2016 collection. Edith Rewa's illustrations all feature beautifully drawn native Australian flora and fauna. Vanishing Elephant's upcoming High Winter 2016 collection takes a more minimalist approach with line drawn waratah prints. And I'm sure this is just the tip of the iceberg. These are a few of my favourite takes on Australiana right now.

1. Australia Print Tee by RYDER (I'd also recommend checking out the Flora t-shirt, dress, and leggings)
2. Extinction Silk Dress by Fred Fowler x Gorman
3. Anemone Dress by Leonard Street
4. Cocky Lady Silk Scarf by Edith Rewa
5. Waratah Print Long Sleeve Shirt by Vanishing Elephant (there's also a dress) Sticker iPhone Case


12 April, 2016

Sometimes you see something and you just have to have it. Case in point: this iPhone case. Pale pink with a bunch of cute stickers? You had me at fries before guys. However, the combination of cost/shipping/exchange rate would have left me well out of pocket if I ordered straight off the website. I tried to find this case in stores but came up empty handed, although I'm now well versed on where you can buy totes and tumblers around Brisbane. But then, THEN, the online shopping stars aligned in the form of Shopbop's Friends & Family sale (which is finished, unfortunately). Now I have my super kawaii case and can use my phone in public with the knowledge that I'll probably get mistaken for a tweenager.

Caves Collect AW16


07 April, 2016

In Queensland, the start of autumn isn't really marked by the change in weather (it's still sunshiney and as humid as ever) but by all the autumn/winter collections dropping in stores. Here I am still looking for lightweight linen and cotton tops and all I can see in stores is racks upon racks of knitwear. All this thinking about cooler weather is enough to get me reassessing my transitional wardrobe. The AW16 collection from Melbourne-based Caves Collect has me pretty excited for even the slightest hint of chill in the air. The collection is made up of a bunch of  transitional pieces and classic wardrobe staples. And skivvies. Lots of skivvies. As someone who flat out refused to wear skivvies as a child I am totally open to review my stance on such matters if they look as stylish as this. Caves Collect is currently only available via their website and all clothing and leather goods are made to order.

A Posy Full of Natives


31 March, 2016

Native flowers will always hold a special place in my botanical-loving heart. As much as I love a bunch of fragrant peonies or David Austin roses, there's a quiet majesty in native Australian flowers. I may not get patriotic about a lot of things, but I'll bloody well get patriotic about native Australian flora. While I'd like to say that I artfully created this arrangement, the truth of the matter is I picked it up from Coles on a whim. Who could resist the autumnal combination of the warm red protea (yes I do know that proteas are also South African), golden banksias, and silvery green eucalyptus? For #research purposes I tried to figure out exactly what kind of banksias these were. I narrowed it down to either the acorn banksia or woolly orange banksia but couldn't differentiate between the two, so we're just going to stick with a generalised banksia for now. Trying to name the greenery was beyond me as well and I could only pick out assorted eucalyptus and gum leaves. I also played around with my macro lens for my iPhone which resulted in some pretty trippy shots, which you can check out below and on VSCO.